david ignatius

  • July 1, 2013  

    European allies of the United States were angered by reports alleging the National Security Agency had bugged offices of European Union members. Is the U.S. justified in its surveillance of allies? Ray Suarez gets perspectives from The Washington Post’s David Ignatius and Thomas Kleine-Brockhoff of the German Marshall Fund. Continue reading

  • April 30, 2012  

    A year ago, a U.S. strike successfully eliminated al-Qaida’s leader, but Osama bin Laden’s death was just one step in the decline of the most feared terror network in the world. Judy Woodruff, The Washington Post’s David Ignatius and the New American Foundation’s Brian Fishman assess the current state and influence of al-Qaida. Continue reading

  • February 3, 2012  

    Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak issued a warning at a security conference Thursday that time is running out, and dealing with a nuclear Iran would be more complicated and costly than attempting to stop one. Ray Suarez and guests discuss the potential of a unilateral Israeli strike and a U.S. response to Israeli action. Continue reading

  • January 12, 2012  

    U.S. and Afghan officials denounced a video Thursday that appeared to show American troops urinating on enemy dead in Afghanistan. Judy Woodruff discusses the video’s effects on potential peace talks with Andrew Exum of the Center for a New American Security and The Washington Post’s David Ignatius. Continue reading

  • March 7, 2011  

    As bloodshed continues in Libya, Judy Woodruff examines how the U.S. and other world powers could respond to the crisis with Maurizio Molinari, U.S. correspondent for Italian newspaper La Stampa, and Washington Post columnist David Ignatius. Continue reading