documentary film

  • Aaron Swartz. Photo courtesy Noah Berger
    June 27, 2014   BY Victoria Fleischer 

    For Aaron Swartz, the teen tech prodigy who became a leader in the fight against regulation and privatization of information on the internet, social activism wasn’t a choice, but a calling. Filmmaker Brian Knappenberger characterizes Swartz’s mission this way: “If you can do something good in the world, what’s your argument for not doing that? … That’s something that seems clear through most of his life and its something he asked himself a lot.”
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  • South African opera singer Thesele Kemane performs for the United Nations.
    March 30, 2014  

    Some of the world’s best young opera singers hail from the impoverished black townships of South Africa. Three of those singers are now in the United States to perform at the American Documentary Film Festival, where a documentary about their lives called “I Live to Sing” is being shown. The film’s director, Julie Coehn, tells the story of one of the singers: Thesele Kemane. Continue reading

  • Mitt Romney in his home in the documentary "Mitt." Photo courtesy of Netflix
    February 6, 2014   BY Victoria Fleischer 

    When Greg Whiteley first heard about a meeting with the Romney family to discuss whether he should run for president in 2008, he thought it sounded like the beginning of a great documentary. Little did he know that he would end up with “MITT,” a Netflix original documentary that provides an intimate look at Mitt Romney and his family over the course of two presidential campaigns. Continue reading