• November 3, 2015  

    Across California, after years of punishing drought, reservoirs that normally fill canals and make crops bloom are greatly depleted or even empty. Some say that getting more water into storage by building more dams is key. But dams also create problems for native fish, and some see them as a waste of money that may not provide sufficient supply. Special correspondent Spencer Michels reports. Continue reading

  • November 3, 2015   BY  

    I’ve been covering California water issues a long time. As the years have gone by, the water wars have ebbed and flowed. Mostly flowed. Continue reading

  • October 31, 2015  

    San Diego is set to soon start supplying itself with millions of gallons a day of fresh, drinkable water, using saltwater from the Pacific Ocean, converted by a brand new desalination plant. As California’s historic drought continues, the plant will likely intensify the debate over the role of desalination may play in the state’s water supply. Special Correspondent Mike Taibbi reports. Continue reading

  • October 14, 2015  

    California’s giant sequoias are special. These massive trees stretch hundreds of feet and live for thousands of years. But they are also being stressed: requiring an enormous amount of water, they are showing signs of suffering through the state’s historic drought. Special correspondent Scott Shafer and producer Gabriela Quirós of KQED report. Continue reading

  • October 7, 2015  

    California is sinking, and sinking fast. As desperate farmers have turned to drilling to keep their crops green, the removal of groundwater is making the land settle inches lower at a sharp pace. In the Central Valley, that geological drop is actually increasing the flood risk. Nathan Halverson of Reveal for the Center of Investigative Reporting reports in conjunction with KQED. Continue reading

  • September 16, 2015  

    The West’s potentially record-breaking wildfire season has burned more than 650,000 acres in California alone. Science correspondent Miles O’Brien joins Hari Sreenivasan to discuss the science behind the flames. Continue reading

  • August 19, 2015  

    More than a thousand firefighters and volunteers are struggling to gain control of a complex of fires in Washington state. The sheer number of fires burning across the Pacific Northwest and in California this year has stretched budgets and personnel to the limit. Now National Guard units and active duty Army troops are being deployed to help. William Brangham reports. Continue reading

  • August 19, 2015  

    William Brangham speaks to Ron Dunton, assistant director for Fire and Aviation at the Bureau of Land Management, about efforts to contain the staggering number of fires burning in the West this summer. Continue reading

  • August 3, 2015  

    A major wildfire continued to burn in Northern California for a sixth straight day, despite some relief from lower temperatures and higher humidity. The fire has already consumed more than 60,000 acres, including two dozen homes, and put at least 12,000 people under evacuation warnings. Jeffrey Brown looks at how California is coping with a dangerous fire season during a record drought. Continue reading

  • July 4, 2015  

    Since the California drought began, the lack of water has cost thousands of jobs, caused noticeable changes in the landscape and induced desperation among citizens who are running out of options. In light of the state’s newest restrictions implemented last month, farmers who have drilled deeper and deeper into the ground for available water have sought help from unlikely sources. NewsHour’s John Larson reports. Continue reading