• December 19, 2011   BY P.J. Tobia  

    A police crackdown on protestors in Cairo, during the second stage of Egypt’s election, led to the most-violent episodes yet in the post-Mubarak era. Margaret Warner gets the latest from The New York Times’ David Kirkpatrick, who has been covering … Continue reading

  • January 27, 2011  

    In Egypt, demonstrations stretched into a third day as protesters called on President Hosni Mubarak to step down. In Yemen, thousands took to the streets in Sanaa to call for the ouster of their president. Jonathan Rugman of Independent Television News reports from Cairo on the wave of unrest in the Middle East. Continue reading

  • July 30, 1996   BY Admin 

    Mohamed Hosni Mubarak was born on May 4, 1928, in the village of Kafr- El Meselha in the Nile river Delta province of Menoufiya, one of the five children of an inspector of the ministry of justice. Continue reading