• Eight people sentenced to three years in jail after joining an illegal gay wedding ceremony are seen behind the bars in Cairo, Egypt, on November 1, 2014. The men were found guilty of spreading 'indecent images' and 'inciting debauchery' over a video that appeared to show them celebrating a gay marriage in Cairo. (Photo by Stringer/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images)
    December 27, 2014   BY  

    An Egyptian appeals court on Saturday upheld the convictions but reduced the sentences of eight men who appeared in a same-sex wedding video. Continue reading

  • FLEDGLING DEMOCRACY  Tunisia  ballot box and flag  monitor
    December 19, 2014  

    Four years ago, a dramatic act by a Tunisian street vendor prompted weeks of protests, the ousting of a president who had ruled for 25 years and an eruption of upheaval and transformation around the Arab world. In collaboration with filmmaker Jessie Deeter, Hari Sreenivasan explores Tunisia’s fledging steps to democracy as the nation prepares for elections. Continue reading

  • Egyptian demonstrators confront riot pol
    November 29, 2014  

    An Egyptian court on Saturday dismissed charges that ousted Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak was responsible for killing hundreds of demonstrators during the Arab Spring uprising in 2011. For more on the ruling and its importance, Samer Shehata, an associate professor of Middle Eastern politics at the University of Oklahoma joins William Brangham. Continue reading

  • HIGH DRAMA  monitor  klinghoffer
    October 20, 2014  

    An opera slated to open at the Met in New York has stirred very strong feelings beyond the arts community. “The Death of Klinghoffer” is based on a real and recent tragedy: the hijacking of an Italian cruise ship and the murder of a disabled Jewish-American passenger in 1985. Jeffrey Brown examines the criticism that the production glorifies terrorism. Continue reading

  • refugees
    September 16, 2014  

    Turbulence in the Middle East, especially Syria, has created the worst refugee crisis in decades. In the past two weeks, hundreds have drowned in separate attempts to sail to safety in Europe. Judy Woodruff speaks with Michel Gabaudan of Refugees International about why refugees risk everything for the journey and how the work of traffickers is getting easier. Continue reading

  • The Baghdad Operations Command center in Iraq, where the Iraqi army plans offensives against the Islamic State group. While the U.S. has helped Iraq push back the extremists, gathering support from other nations has been difficult. Photo by Scott Nelson for the Washington Post
    August 29, 2014   BY  

    In the last year-and-a-half, Islamic State extremists have fought the Syrian army, Hezbollah and Iranian forces. They’ve clashed with al-Qaida’s local affiliate, routed Iraq’s army and pushed back Kurdish peshmerga fighters. American airstrikes in Iraq have recently caused somewhat of a retreat. But U.S. military leaders say the terrorists can’t be crushed unless their sanctuaries in Syria are targeted. Continue reading

  • Palestinians celebrate Gaza ceasefire
    August 26, 2014  

    The war between Israel and Hamas, which took thousands of lives this summer, appeared to be at an end with the announcement of a new cease-fire. Gwen Ifill talks to Dennis Ross of the Washington Institute for Near East Policy and Shibley Telhami of the Brookings Institution about the prospects of enduring calm, the emergence of Egypt as lead negotiator and the rebuilding process ahead. Continue reading

  • ceasefire1
    August 26, 2014  

    Israel and Hamas accepted a cease-fire deal that opens more border crossings, allowing humanitarian aid and construction materials into Gaza. If the cease-fire holds, new talks on other issues would begin in a month. The U.S. State Department called the deal “an opportunity, not a certainty.” Gwen Ifill reports. Continue reading

  • newswrapimage
    August 25, 2014  

    In our news wrap Monday, at least 58 people died in Iraq in a series of attacks that mostly targeted Shiite districts. At a mosque in Baghdad, a suicide bomber detonated a vest with explosives as worshippers were leaving after midday prayers. Also, Egypt pressed for new efforts to broker another truce between Israel and Hamas, but fighting continued with Israeli airstrikes and rocket attacks. Continue reading

  • newswrap
    August 18, 2014  

    In our news wrap Monday, the Ukrainian military reported that dozens of civilians were killed when a convoy of refugees came under rocket fire near the rebel-held city of Luhansk. Government officials and the separatists have blamed each other for the attack. Also, a five-day cease-fire between Israel and Hamas was extended another 24 hours as Egyptian officials continued to broker a truce. Continue reading