• December 3, 2010  

    November’s job numbers showed unemployment rising to 9.8 percent — a disappointing surprise for analysts. Employers added only 39,000 jobs, compared to 172,000 in October. Jeffrey Brown discusses what’s ahead for the economy and unemployed people with Lisa Lynch of Brandeis University and Paul Taylor of the Pew Research Center. Continue reading

  • September 27, 2010  

    After Israel opted to allow its settlement-construction moratorium to expire, Gwen Ifill gets two perspectives on what’s next for the renewed Middle East peace talks from Ghaith al-Omari, a former adviser to President Abbas, and David Makovsky of the Washington Institute for Near East Policy. Continue reading

  • September 9, 2010  

    Whether the tax cuts enacted under the latest Bush presidency should be extended past the Dec. 31 expiration date is slated to be a key policy issue debated as elections approach. Jeffrey Brown gets two views about extending the cuts and whether it would mostly benefit the wealthiest Americans. Continue reading