• October 19, 2016   BY  

    International aid agencies are preparing for what the United Nations estimates could be an exodus of as many as one million people. Continue reading

  • October 7, 2016  

    An hour west of Baghdad, Fallujah used to be a thriving population center. Two years ago, it was overtaken by the Islamic State. The Iraqi army regained control of the city in June but now faces another hurdle: rebuilding. In over a decade of warfare, nearly all of Fallujah has been destroyed. Special correspondent Jane Ferguson reports in conjunction with the Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting. Continue reading

  • October 5, 2016  

    Militia groups, made up mostly of Shia fighters and often backed by Iran, have become instrumental in the charge to drive the Islamic State from Iraq. But their battlefield presence makes them a controversial force — many militia members are accused of war crimes and have killed Americans. Special correspondent Jane Ferguson reports in partnership with the Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting. Continue reading

  • July 1, 2016  

    Displaced residents of Fallujah are finding little to celebrate after Iraqi forces finally ousted Islamic State fighters this week. The city is empty — tens of thousands who were held by ISIS as human shields fled to desolate camps — and there is no electricity or water. Refugee workers call the situation a “catastrophe” and are hoping for more aid. Special correspondent Jane Arraf reports Continue reading

  • June 20, 2016  

    The campaign to drive the Islamic State from Fallujah is advancing much more swiftly than anticipated, with much of the city already retaken. But this success offers little comfort to the tens of thousands of residents who have been forced into the desert by the fighting and live without basic amenities. Special correspondent Jane Arraf joins Judy Woodruff to describe their situation. Continue reading

  • June 17, 2016  

    In our news wrap Friday, after a month-long campaign, Iraqi special forces pushed into the heart of Fallujah for the first time since it was seized by the Islamic State in 2014; Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi declared victory over the terror group. Also, the people of Great Britain held vigils across the country for slain Member of Parliament Jo Cox, who was stabbed and shot to death Thursday.
    Continue reading

  • June 9, 2016  

    In our news wrap Thursday, Islamic State suicide attacks killed at least 31 in Baghdad in what Iraqi officials say were a response to the government’s military campaign to recapture Fallujah. Also, Israel dispatched hundreds of additional troops to the West Bank and revoked entry permits for over 80,000 Palestinians after a Palestinian gunman killed four in Tel Aviv.
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  • June 3, 2016   BY  

    Watching TV images of Iraqi forces advancing on the ISIS-controlled city of Fallujah and U.S. airstrikes raining down from the sky is a bitter pill to swallow for many veterans of the Iraq war. Continue reading

  • May 31, 2016  

    In our news wrap Tuesday, the State Department warned American traveling in Europe this summer to watch out for terrorist attacks, saying that while there is no specific threat, upcoming events such as the Tour de France could be targets. Also, Iraqi forces held off a fierce counterattack by Islamic State militants in southern Fallujah a day after advancing into the city for the first time in two years. Continue reading

  • May 30, 2016  

    Iraq’s offensive to retake the ancient city of Fallujah, 40 miles west of Baghdad, from Islamic State fighters was stepped up this weekend. The Shiite-dominated government is under pressure to intensify its onslaught after a series of deadly ISIS bombings in Baghdad targeting Shia Muslims, including one today. After Fallujah, all efforts turn to retaking Mosul in the north. John Yang reports. Continue reading

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