free trade agreement

  • Hillary Clinton
    October 7, 2015  

    Just days after the U.S. and 11 nations released a monumental trade deal, Hillary Clinton says she does not support the Trans-Pacific Partnership. Speaking with Judy Woodruff Wednesday, the Democratic presidential candidate said that as of today, given what she knows of the deal, it does not meet her bar for creating jobs, raising wages for Americans and advancing national security. Continue reading

  • Protesters have been storming the streets in Kiev since December in response to Ukrainian president Viktor F. Yanukovich declining an economic deal with the European Union. Video still by PBS NewsHour
    December 2, 2013  

    Despite the desire held by many Ukrainians to be more aligned with the European Union, Ukraine’s President Viktor Yanukovych was swayed by pressure from Russia’s Vladimir Putin to reject a free trade agreement. Judy Woodruff talks to Steven Pifer of the Brookings Institution about Yanukovych’s options for the current crisis. Continue reading