• December 4, 2012  

    During World War II, only 10 percent of trained generals were approved for active duty. Now, journalist Tom Ricks says, "Mediocrity is an accepted core value in the performance of generals." Ray Suarez talks to Ricks about his new book, "The Generals," which examines the history of U.S. military commanders. Continue reading

  • April 24, 2008  

    The Pentagon may influence the analysis of some retired military personnel who appear on television news programs, the New York Times recently reported. Media insiders discuss the details of this murky world of defense companies, the current administration and the war in Iraq. Continue reading

  • January 10, 2007  

    Retired army Lieutenant General William Odom, who worked on the pacification program during the Vietnam War, and retired Marine Corps Lieutenant General Bernard Trainor, who had two combat tours in Vietnam and one in Korea, analyze the President’s new policy and the chances for success in Iraq. Continue reading