Harry Blackmun

  • March 5, 2004  

    In part two of a special report on the released tapes of the late Supreme Court Justice Harry Blackmun, two legal experts discuss what the Blackmun papers say about the inner-workings of the Supreme Court. Continue reading

  • March 5, 2004  

    In the second report on the late Supreme Court Justice Harry Blackmun’s oral history tapes, the justice talks about two key decisions during his tenure and some of his colleagues in the court’s chambers Continue reading

  • March 4, 2004  

    In the first of two NewsHour reports about the late Supreme Court Justice Harry Blackmun, Ray Suarez speaks with Blackmun’s former clerk Harold Koh, who conducted extensive interviews with Blackmun at the time of his retirement. Then, in his own words, Blackmun gives an inside view of past Supreme Court cases. Continue reading

  • April 6, 1994  

    Justice Harry Blackmun stepped down from the High Court in 1994, after 24 years on the bench. His legacy includes decisions on Roe vs. Wade, sex discrimination and civil rights. On the day of his retirement, a panel of legal experts discussed his most influential decisions. Continue reading