• April 15, 2013  

    The 2013 Boston Marathon was marked by blood and chaos when two explosions went off near the finish line, injuring scores of people and killing two. Gwen Ifill reports on this developing story, including whether a third Boston explosion is connected and how other major cities are taking precautions. Continue reading

  • February 6, 2013  

    As the civil war in Syria rages on, refugees have fled to nearby Lebanon. Unfortunately, that move has brought new challenges, including inadequate supplies, discrimination, winter weather and hunger. The NewsHour sent video journalist Paige Kollock to Lebanon to report on the crisis first-hand. Ray Suarez reports. Continue reading

  • June 10, 2011  

    As NATO continued its bombing campaign in Libya Friday with the U.S. in a support role, outgoing Defense Secretary Gates issued a blunt rebuke to many of America’s European allies. Margaret Warner discusses growing tensions inside NATO with former Assistant Secretary of State Richard Burt and retired Army Lt. Gen. David Barno. Continue reading