• January 30, 2004  

    Essayist Richard Rodriguez reflects on how the influx of Mexican and Central American workers is changing the way Americans think of themselves. Continue reading

  • January 23, 2004  

    Essayist Roger Mudd looks at how the presidential State of the Union address has evolved from the modest written document that it was in the 19th century to the spectacle of political showmanship that it has become for presidents in the age of mass media. Continue reading

  • January 13, 2004  

    The successful TV sitcom “Friends” is coming to an end this season, but essayist Roger Rosenblatt looks at how the human theme of friendship is only becoming stronger. Continue reading

  • January 12, 2004  

    Essayist Roger Rosenblatt looks at a new documentary, “Fog of War.” Continue reading

  • January 7, 2004  

    Essayist Anne Taylor Fleming visits a traveling history exhibit. Continue reading

  • December 30, 2003  

    Essayist Roger Rosenblatt looks at the annual ritual of reflection at the beginning of the new year. Continue reading

  • December 29, 2003  

    Essayist Richard Rodriguez looks at the work of photographer Diane Arbus, who opened her shutter on subjects that rarely blinked at life. Continue reading

  • December 25, 2003  

    Essayist Roger Rosenblatt considers the appeal of a single voice. Continue reading

  • December 17, 2003  

    Essayist Roger Rosenblatt looks at a new book of photographs called “Silent Places,” which shows some of the houses and institutions in Poland that were evacuated by the Jews during the Holocaust. Rosenblatt says a human element remains even in places that have been abandoned by evil or time. Continue reading

  • December 3, 2003  

    Essayist Anne Taylor Fleming says that separation and loss teach us that the written word we share with loved ones is often one of the things that matters most. Continue reading