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    July 18, 2014  

    In our news wrap Friday, the United Nations reported that between January and June, nearly 5,600 civilians were killed in Iraq. Sunni extremists have stepped up their fight against the Iraqi government since the beginning of the year. Also, the Obama administration approved the use of sonic cannons for oil and gas exploration in Atlantic waters off the East Coast. Continue reading

  • Iraqi troops raise up their weapons as they arrive to support the Sunni anti-Al-Qaeda militia Sahwa (Awakening) in its fight against anti-government militants, including from the jihadist Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) in the Anbar province on June 21, 2014 in the city of Ramadi, west of the capital Baghdad.  Photo:  AFP/Getty Images
    July 13, 2014  

    What are Iraq’s chances of displacing the extremist group that calls itself the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria? And what impact can international aid, including military aid pledged by Iran, the United States and Russia have on the conflict? To unpack these questions, Anthony Cordesman of the Center of Strategic and International Studies joins Hari Sreenivasan from Washington. Continue reading

  • othernews
    July 11, 2014  

    In our news wrap Friday, leading Republicans demanded change to a 2008 statute that bars quicker deportations for children illegally crossing the border. Several Democratic lawmakers say they oppose such a move, but the White House left open the possibility. Also, Kurdish forces in Iraq captured two major oil fields in the northern part of the country. Continue reading

  • newswrap
    July 9, 2014  

    In our news wrap Wednesday, Ray Nagin, who served as mayor of New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina, has been sentenced to 10 years in federal prison. He accepted hundreds of thousands of dollars in bribes, much of it involving rebuilding projects after the storm. Also, in Iraq, security forces found the bodies of 53 men near a mainly Shiite village. Most of the victims had been shot. Continue reading

  • newswrap_parliamentdelay
    July 7, 2014  

    In our news wrap Monday, the Iraqi parliament pushed back its next session five weeks, until mid-August, as government forces continue to battle Islamist militants. While Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki has refused to step down, lawmakers are at an impasse over choosing new leaders. Also, pro-Russian fighters in Ukraine tried to regroup after major setbacks over the weekend. Continue reading

  • A protester who opposes arrivals of buses carrying  undocumented migrants for processing at the Murrieta Border Patrol Station and a counter-demonstrator (L) face off on July 4 in Murrieta, California. Photo by David McNew/Getty Images

    Today in the Morning Line: Continued disagreement over what’s drawing unaccompanied minors and what to do about them After blows at Supreme Court, White House weighs contraception options Airstrikes in Iraq, and the amazing return of Chalabi in Iraq Administration … Continue reading

  • mosul
    July 5, 2014  

    A 21-minute video said to show Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the head of the Islamic State group, was reportedly filmed on Friday in Mosul. The identity of al-Baghdadi could not be independently confirmed by news organizations. Saad Maan of the Iraqi Interior Ministry has told Reuters the Iraqi government believes the video to be fake. Matt Bradley of the Wall Street Journal joins John Larson via Skype from Baghdad to share why this rare appearance, if confirmed, is so significant. Continue reading

  • othernews
    July 4, 2014  

    In our news wrap Friday, Iraqi government troops recaptured the village of Awja — birthplace of Saddam Hussein — and made headway in reclaiming Iraq’s largest oil refinery in Beiji. Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki vowed to defeat the militants, and signaled he won’t abandon a bid for a third term. Also, Judy Woodruff reports on 4th of July celebrations across the U.S. Continue reading

  • airportsecurity2
    July 3, 2014  

    American officials are warning that al-Qaida affiliates in Yemen and Syria are trying to make bombs that current security measures won’t detect. In response, the Department of Homeland Security is calling for tighter airport security. For a closer look at the threat warnings, Judy Woodruff talks to Richard Barrett, former leader of the U.N. al-Qaida Monitoring Team. Continue reading

  • newswrap
    July 3, 2014  

    In our news wrap Thursday, Army Gen. Martin Dempsey said he does not see the need for “industrial strength” force in assisting Iraqi forces combat the Sunni militants of the “Islamic State,” or ISIL. Meanwhile, the militant group extended their grip on eastern Syria. Also, Hurricane Arthur prompted evacuations as it headed toward the outer banks of North Carolina. Continue reading

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