• Guests attend the official inauguration of Strasbourg Grand Mosque in Strasbourg, September 27, 2012. REUTERS/Vincent Kessler (FRANCE  - Tags: POLITICS RELIGION) - RTR38H9L
    March 7, 2015  

    By some estimates, the French city of Marseille is now 30 to 40 percent Muslim — once of the highest concentrations of Muslims anywhere in France. But even in Marseille, tensions between Muslims and non-Muslims have been rising for years. How did the Charlie Hebdo attacks affect already rising Islamophobia in France? NewsHour’s Megan Thompson reports. Continue reading

  • saudi_blogger
    January 27, 2015  

    On a visit to meet Saudi Arabia’s King Salman bin Abdulaziz, President Obama advocated for tolerance and free speech but did not discuss a Saudi blogger’s punishment of 1,000 lashes for insulting Islam. Judy Woodruff reports. Continue reading

  • europeonedge
    January 15, 2015  

    Belgian security officials reportedly raided a cell of extremists who had recently returned from Syria and were ready to stage attacks “on a grand scale.” Two suspects were killed and one was wounded in a shootout with police. Meanwhile, in France, President Francois Hollande appealed for religious tolerance, vowing to punish any acts against Muslims or Jews. Gwen Ifill and Judy Woodruff report. Continue reading

  • newswrap
    January 15, 2015  

    In our news wrap Thursday, Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu intensified a war of words over the Paris attacks. Also, hundreds of thousands of people greeted Pope Francis’ motorcade in the streets of Manila as the pontiff began the first papal visit to the Philippines in 20 years. Continue reading

  • Mass Unity Rallies Held Around The World Following Recent Terrorist Attacks
    January 14, 2015  

    The Charlie Hebdo shooting has sparked debate about the protections and limits of free speech. Judy Woodruff talks to Bertrand Vannier of Radio France and Daisy Khan of the American Society for Muslim Advancement about whether Muslims face a double standard when it comes to free expression and the reaction to Charlie Hebdo’s controversial post-attack cover. Continue reading

  • cultureclash
    January 8, 2015  

    The deadly attack on Charlie Hebdo puts a spotlight on the growing tensions between France’s Muslim and immigrant communities and a large portion of French society, which is traditionally Catholic. The NewsHour’s Megan Thompson recently visited Marseille, one of the country’s most diverse cities, to report on the root of the conflict and the rise of anti-Muslim sentiment in France. Continue reading

  • radicalization
    January 8, 2015  

    The brothers who attacked satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo had a secular Muslim upbringing before their apparent radicalization. What’s leading young European Muslims to embrace extremism? Peter Neumann of King’s College London says it’s a conflict of identity and acceptance. Neumann talks to Judy Woodruff about increasing polarization and what governments can do prevent attacks. Continue reading

  • mosque
    December 20, 2014  

    In Kennesaw, Ga., the city council recently rejected, then approved a bid to house a mosque at a shopping mall. The vote has ignited a fierce debate in the community over how residents feel about Muslims and their First Amendment right to freedom of religion. NewsHour Weekend’s William Brangham reports. Continue reading

  • syrian cleric
    November 21, 2014  

    Sheikh Muhammad al-Yaqoubi, a prominent Syrian Sunni cleric and vocal critic of the Islamic State, led prayers at the funeral of American beheading victim Peter Kassig. Chief foreign correspondent Margaret Warner interviews al-Yaqoubi, exiled from his country, about atrocities committed by the Islamic State, why the militant group is able to gain followers and the fight against the Assad regime. Continue reading

  • disgraced
    October 30, 2014  

    Amir is a successful corporate lawyer living a version of the American Dream, who has turned his back on the Muslim faith of his parents. The Broadway play “Disgraced,” by Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright Ayad Akhtar, tells the story of how Amir’s world and identity fall apart. Jeffrey Brown interviews Akhtar about his work and the deeper questions he’s exploring. Continue reading

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