islamic radicalism

  • February 18, 2015  

    With growing concern over global extremism, the question of how to counter and prevent radicalization is the focus of a three-day summit at the White House. Judy Woodruff talks to Zainab Al-Suwaij of the American Islamic Congress and Matthew Levitt of the Washington Institute for Near East Policy about tailoring strategies to American communities. Continue reading

  • September 27, 2006  

    The White House allowed declassification of portions of the National Intelligence Estimate — an assessment of the effects of the Iraq war on terrorism — after parts were leaked to the media earlier in the week. Counterterrorism analysts Daniel Benjamin and Michael Rubin discuss the report’s findings. Continue reading

  • September 25, 2006  

    Following the leak of the National Intelligence Estimate, a report from U.S. intelligence agencies that found the Iraq war is fueling Islamic radicalism and emboldening terrorists, Democrats reiterated the call for a new plan in Iraq. A CIA veteran discusses the report. Continue reading