John Kasich

  • January 3, 2011  

    The New Year rings in the start of some new governors’ terms — and nearly all of them face budget shortfalls. Gwen Ifill discusses state budget woes with three public media reporters: John Myers of KQED Public Radio in California; Karen Kasler of Ohio Public Radio and Television; and Karen DeWitt of New York State Public Radio. Continue reading

  • July 24, 1996  

    Welfare reform is considered a major issue with the voters. The Senate joined the House in passing historic legislation to end the federal guarantee to welfare and return most assistance programs to the states. A panel debate on how the President should respond to this move by Congress, follows a backgrounder by Kwame Holman. Continue reading

  • November 20, 1995  

    Representative John Kasich (R-Ohio), chairman of the House Budget committee, is interviewed by Jim Lehrer. Continue reading