• August 9, 2015   BY  

    Officials say that an American soldier has been killed and several others have been wounded in a series of attacks Friday in Afghanistan’s capital Continue reading

  • August 7, 2015  

    In our news wrap Friday, the Labor Department’s July jobs report revealed another solid month. Employers added a net of 215,000 new jobs and the unemployment rate held steady. Also, Kabul was rocked by bombings that killed scores of people. A massive truck bomb flattened an entire city block and a suicide bomber blew himself up at a police academy. Continue reading

  • August 7, 2015   BY  

    Kabul was rocked by four explosions Friday, killing dozens of people and wounding hundreds of others, according to Afghan officials. Continue reading

  • May 13, 2015  

    In our news wrap Wednesday, President Obama greeted the Crown Prince and Deputy Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, amid tensions over a potential nuclear deal with Iran. The summit will also focus on Yemen, where Saudis and their Sunni allies are trying to beat back Shiite rebels. Also, attackers struck a hotel in Kabul during a party for foreigners, reportedly killing one American. Continue reading

  • May 6, 2015  

    In our news wrap Wednesday, Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake asked the Justice Department to investigate the city’s police department following the death of Freddie Gray. She said a review would show if the case is part of a pattern of police bias and excessive force. Also, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu reached a last-minute deal to form a coalition government. Continue reading

  • February 17, 2015  

    In our news wrap Tuesday, a train loaded with more than 100 tankers of crude oil derailed in West Virginia, forcing hundreds of families to evacuate and the closure of two water treatment plants. An investigation of what caused the accident is underway. Also, hundreds of thousands of people in the South and Mid-Atlantic lost power due to a winter storm. Continue reading

  • January 29, 2015  

    In our news wrap Thursday, the Jordanian government demanded confirmation that a pilot held hostage by the Islamic State is still alive before they release a female prisoner in a ransom deal. Also, an Afghan soldier killed three American security advisors and wounded another person at a military airport in Kabul. Continue reading

  • January 9, 2015   BY  

    At its peak, the number of U.S. troops in Afghanistan swelled to 140,000 in 2010 when Obama ordered a “surge” to counter the growing insurgency. Now, the U.S. is tasked in dismantling its operations throughout Afghanistan to house the incoming foreign troops chosen for “Resolute Support.”

    Reuters’ Lucas Jackson photographed the many unused Army trucks, tents and other detritus that are waiting to be removed at America’s biggest base in Afghanistan, the Bagram Air Field in the Parwan province. Continue reading

  • NATO
    December 29, 2014  

    The Afghanistan war, the longest in American history, came to a formal close on Sunday. The U.S. combat mission has been winding down since 2010, but the Taliban has been mounting a resurgence, making 2014 the war’s deadliest year. Jeffrey Brown reports. Continue reading

  • December 29, 2014  

    As the U.S. combat mission ends in Afghanistan, those Americans who are staying in the country will move to a role of training and supervision. Sean Carberry of NPR speaks with Jeffrey Brown about the capabilities of Afghanistan’s military forces, goals of the country’s new President Ashraf Ghani and how much life has changed for the citizens since the start of the war. Continue reading

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