• Freedom Riders Julia Aaron, left, and David Dennis were among the Freedom Riders who paved the way for Freedom Summer student volunteers. Pictured here in 1961, Dennis would eulogize activist James Chaney three years later. Photo courtesy of Paul Schutzer/PBS
    June 24, 2014   BY Lyndsay Knecht, KERA 

    Fifty years ago this summer, President Lyndon B. Johnson signed the Civil Rights Act into law. But that didn’t come without a price. It was the era of the Freedom Summer, a brave and bloody campaign to get blacks registered to vote in Mississippi.
    Over 10 weeks, 37 churches were bombed or burned. Four civil rights workers were killed. Many more were hurt. In KERA’s storytelling series “The Voices of Freedom Summer,” we hear from key figures in the battles of the early ’60s — and from people studying that struggle a half-century later. Continue reading

  • A couple wearing shirts in support of a Tea Party challenger attended the "Life, Liberty and Property" rally in Greenville, Texas earlier this month. Photo by Shelley Kofler/KERA News
    May 27, 2014   BY Shelley Kofler, KERA 

    GREENVILLE, Texas — Nationally, many Tea Party-backed candidates have been losing primary elections. But in Texas, Tea Party candidates are doing well. One big Tea Party organization has joined with other conservative groups. Their goal: becoming the dominant voice in Texas Republican politics. They recently urged North Texas voters to “retire” more sitting Republicans during the May 27 runoff election. Continue reading