Lunch in the Lab

  • March 19, 2013    

    This proton-proton collision event, from the CMS experiment at CERN, shows characteristics expected from the decay of a Higgs boson. Photo by CERN. Following last week’s major announcement at CERN, I finally had time to sit down and read Dennis … Continue reading

  • March 15, 2013    

    In the 2000 film Erin Brockovich, Julia Roberts plays a scantily-clad file clerk in a small law firm who traces a cluster of health problems in a California desert town to a chemical in the groundwater there, and traces the … Continue reading

  • March 12, 2013    

    Oh to be Chris Hadfield, eating maple syrup from a tube and casually gazing down at a smoke plume streaming from Italy’s Mount Etna volcano while performing experiments to improve the metal in turbine blades and dental fillings. The good … Continue reading

  • March 8, 2013    

    This animation shows the path of the magnetic field that was discharged from the sun causing the Curiosity team to power down the rover this week. The modeling was carried out at the NASA Goddard Space Weather Research Center. Earlier … Continue reading

  • March 5, 2013    

    A lab technician pipettes liquid into test tubes. Photo by Photo by Apostrophe Productions. Scientists nationwide are bracing for the impacts of the sequestration cuts, which are poised to strike a fierce blow to research. Policymakers aren’t the only ones … Continue reading

  • March 1, 2013    

    The ocean, by some estimates, holds enough salt to cover the entire surface of the Earth, layered to the height of a 40-story office building. Much of the salt in the ocean comes from rock that gets eroded by slightly-acidic … Continue reading

  • February 25, 2013    

    This image shows an MRI of a normal hippocampus.The cortical folds are clearly visible. Photo By BSIP/UIG via Getty Images. I recall being equally parts shocked and fascinated the first time I learned about the man known as H.M. in … Continue reading

  • February 22, 2013    

    Are dreams affected by microgravity? How do you exercise in space? What’s that on Chris Hadfield’s forehead? These were among the questions posed to NASA astronauts — three of whom are orbiting 240 miles above the Earth, from the International … Continue reading

  • February 8, 2013    

    Some 65 million years ago, an asteroid possibly as big as Mount Everest plowed into the Earth, wiping about 70 percent of all species, including dinosaurs, off the planet. Why this event killed off the dinosaurs but spared other species, … Continue reading

  • February 4, 2013    

    Project osteologist Jo Appleby points out damage to a skull, believed to be that of Richard III, during a news conference in Leicester, central England, on Monday. Photo by Darren Staples/Reuters. King Richard III, depicted by some as a wicked, … Continue reading

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