• February 12, 1998  

    The U.S. seeks to engage Russia in its conflict with Iraq, but Russia has a number of reasons to want no military intervention by the U.S. Several of these involve the still-tenative Russian economy. Margaret Warner talks to the Boston Globe’s David Filipov. Continue reading

  • January 13, 1998  

    Phil Ponce talks with Elizabeth Neuffer of the Boston Globe about the changes in Sarajevo over the past four years. Continue reading

  • January 6, 1998  

    Phil Ponce examines the life and art of Gordon Parks, Life photographer, film director, composer and digital art pioneer. Parks’ work, now on exhibit at the Corcoran Gallery in Washington D.C., will travel around the U.S. for the next four years. Continue reading

  • December 29, 1997  

    For years, industry experts have claimed that the Internet will revolutionize the way the world does business. Economics correspondent Paul Solman takes a look at the car industry and how the information superhighway is changing the way people buy and sell cars. Continue reading

  • December 29, 1997  

    From the handover of Hong Kong in July to the recent currency crises that have engulfed the region, Asia has undergone considerable political and economic changes in 1997. Charles Krause talks with Indira Lakshmanan, Asian bureau chief of the Boston Globe, about the collapse of the Asian economies its societal impact. Continue reading

  • December 1, 1997  

    Internet industry leaders proposed developing new technologies that will enable parents to restrict their children’s access to ‘adult’ material on the Net. Following a background report, Phil Ponce and Steven Levy, a senior editor for Newsweek Magazine, discuss the industry’s proposals and its implications. Continue reading

  • November 2, 1997   BY Admin 

    The Internet has been much maligned as a purveyor of pornography and much hyped as the future of business, work, travel and leisure, but one organization is on the ground trying to use new technologies for something concrete: a healing device. Continue reading

  • October 20, 1997  

    Phil Ponce talks with Michael Zielenziger of the San Jose Mercury News about the dynamics of Southeast Asian economies. Continue reading

  • October 8, 1997  

    Phil Ponce talks with Dean Murphy, bureau chief of the Los Angeles Times in Warsaw, Poland. Continue reading

  • September 9, 1997  

    The national tobacco settlement has yet to be resolved, but many communities are taking matters into their own hands. Cities, such as Seattle, are trying to regulate outdoor tobacco advertising. Continue reading