• August 22, 2012  

    In other news Tuesday, the Centers for Disease Control reported three times more cases of West Nile virus so far this year, blaming weather conditions that fostered optimal breeding conditions for mosquitoes. Also, a new study reveals that older fathers have a higher risk of passing genetic mutations on to their children. Continue reading

  • August 16, 2012  

    A current epidemic of West Nile virus has claimed the lives of 26 people in the U.S., 10 in Texas alone. In Dallas and the surrounding county, authorities have declared a state of emergency. Jeffrey Brown talks to Baylor College of Medicine’s Dr. Kristy Murray about the outbreak and how the state targets infected mosquitoes. Continue reading

  • September 17, 2009  

    Between 60,000 and 80,000 Tanzanians die from malaria each year. In the last installment in his series of reports from Tanzania, Ray Suarez looks at a mult-million-dollar effort to slow the spread of the disease through the distribution of bed nets. Continue reading