Mount Rushmore

  • Drones in national parks are a safety hazard and nuisance to visitors and wildlife, said Jonathan Jarvis, the park service's director. Photo by Flickr user Frank D'Amato
    June 20, 2014   BY Joan Lowy, Associated Press 

    Jonathan Jarvis, the park service’s director, told The Associated Press he doesn’t want drones flushing birds from their nests, hovering over rock climbers as they cling to the sides of cliffs or buzzing across the face of Mount Rushmore.

    Jarvis said he would sign a policy memorandum on Friday directing superintendents of the service’s 401 parks to write rules prohibiting the launching, landing or operation of unmanned aircraft in their parks. Continue reading

  • August 24, 2011   BY Francine Uenuma and Mike Fritz  

    Members of the Great Sioux Nation could pocket a large sum set aside by the government for taking the resource-rich Black Hills away from the tribes in 1877. But leaders say the sacred land was never, and still isn’t, for sale. Continue reading

  • January 5, 2010  

    Jeffrey Brown visits National Geographic’s vault of more than 11.5 million images spanning more than a century of photography and illustration. Continue reading