music therapy

  • Why do so many child lullabies have such dark undertones, and does matter when it comes to their ability to soothe? Image by Maria Pavlova and Getty Images
    August 13, 2014   BY Jenny Marder 

    Judging by lyrics alone, the lionshare of lullabies are not sweet and soothing; they are dark and creepy and macabre. So why are so many lullabies murder ballads? And as it relates to their primary function — to lull the child to sleep — does it matter? Continue reading

  • February 27, 2012  

    An unconventional approach to recovery and coping, music therapy is a field of medicine capturing new attention due to its role in helping Gabrielle Giffords recover from a gunshot. Correspondent Spencer Michels reports on the versatility of music in a medical setting, but the difficulty of quantifying its effectiveness. Continue reading