Muslim Brotherhood

  • June 15, 2012  

    More than 200 policemen were deployed outside Egypt’s parliament Friday after a court nullified recent elections. Jeffrey Brown and Harvard University professor Tarek Masoud discuss the dashed hopes of the Egyptian people as voters head to the polls this weekend for a presidential election. Continue reading

  • June 4, 2012  

    Demonstrators protested for a third consecutive day Monday in Cairo’s Tahrir Square after former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak was sentenced to life in prison over the weekend. Gwen Ifill reports on the uprising, just weeks after the country’s first democratic presidential election. Continue reading

  • May 25, 2012  

    Preliminary results from Egypt’s first free presidential election show the two most-polarizing candidates for president might face each other in a mid-June runoff — a potential battle between Hosni Mubarak’s final prime minister, Ahmed Shafiq, and the Muslim Brotherhood’s candidate, Mohammed Morsi. Jeffrey Brown reports. Continue reading

  • May 25, 2012  

    Two of the most-polarizing candidates for Egypt’s presidency might face off in a runoff after a partial vote count Friday in the country’s first free presidential election. Jeffrey Brown and McClatchy reporter Nancy Youssef discuss the candidates, Ahmed Shafiq of the Mubarak regime, and the Muslim Brotherhood’s Mohammed Morsi. Continue reading

  • May 24, 2012  

    In other news Thursday, Egyptians flocked to the polls for a second day of voting in their first freely contested presidential election. Results are expected to be announced on Tuesday. Also, Iran’s nuclear negations with the U.S. and five other countries ended in Baghdad with no breakthrough. Continue reading

  • April 3, 2012  

    In Egypt, the Muslim Brotherhood and other conservative Islamic political parties have advanced candidates for the upcoming presidential election. Margaret Warner and Harvard’s Tarek Masoud explore the implications for the political and social life of post-revolution Egypt. Continue reading

  • April 3, 2012  

    Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood had initially pledged not to field a candidate for president. But last Saturday, the country’s oldest Islamic movement nominated Deputy Chairman Khairat el-Shater to run in the May 23-24 election. Margaret Warner reports on the announcement’s subsequent unease. Continue reading

  • January 10, 2012  

    In other news Tuesday, a bomb tore through a busy market in Northwest Pakistan, killing at least 30 people. The blast hit vehicles of an anti-Taliban militia in the Khyber region near the Afghan border. Also, U.S. forces staged another sea rescue of Iranians in distress. Continue reading

  • December 6, 2011  

    In other news Tuesday, President Barack Obama condemned economic inequality in the United States during a speech in Kansas and called for progressive reforms. Also, Bank of America has agreed to pay $315 million to investors who said they were misled about risky mortgages. Continue reading

  • September 14, 2011  

    Since the ouster of President Hosni Mubarak seven months ago, all Islamist movements are free to take part in politics in Egypt. The Muslim Brotherhood, which has long been confined to offering only social and religious services, is now poised to become the dominant force in government. Margret Warner reports from Cairo. Continue reading

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