• August 4, 2010   BY News Desk 

    UPDATE ON OIL CONTAINMENT | BP reports the static kill is a success so far. Gulf Coast residents question a new government report that states around three-quarters of the spilled oil is already gone. Judy Woodruff gets an update on … Continue reading

  • August 3, 2010   BY News Desk 

    BP BEGINS ‘STATIC KILL’| BP engineers began a ‘static kill’ to shut down the source of the leaking oil once and for all in the Gulf of Mexico. Judy Woodruff talks to Joel Achenbach of the Washington Post for details … Continue reading

  • August 2, 2010   BY News Desk 

    OBAMA: IRAQ WAR ENDING ON SCHEDULE | President Obama spoke to a disabled veterans convention in Atlanta, touting progress in Iraq and affirming that the combat effort in the country is winding down. For more on the drawdown of U.S. … Continue reading

  • July 30, 2010   BY News Desk 

    RECORD DEATHS IN AFGHAN WAR | The deaths of six more U.S. soldiers in Afghanistan made for another record month of troop deaths and brought new attention on the dangers of roadside bombs known as IEDs. Ray Suarez speaks with … Continue reading

  • July 28, 2010   BY News Desk 

    PARTS OF ARIZONA IMMIGRATION LAW BLOCKED | On Wednesday, a federal judge in Arizona blocked key parts of the state’s high-profile immigration law from taking effect. Ray Suarez reports from Phoenix on the reaction to the ruling, then Gwen Ifill … Continue reading

  • July 27, 2010   BY News Desk 

    IMPACT OF LEAKED WAR DOCUMENTS | A day after the release of more than 75,000 classified Afghan war documents by WikiLeaks through popular newspapers, Washington is still feeling the impact of the massive leak. Jim Lehrer talks to Republican Sen. … Continue reading

  • July 26, 2010   BY News Desk 

    WIKILEAKS RELEASES AFGHAN RECORDS | More than 75,000 classified documents detailing five years of war in Afghanistan were released by the website WikiLeaks and reported on by major news organizations Monday. Jeffrey Brown talks to Steve Coll, president of the … Continue reading

  • July 23, 2010   BY News Desk 

    TROPICAL STORM MOVES CLOSER TO SPILL | Tropical Storm Bonnie hit southern Florida today on its path towards the Gulf of Mexico and the oil spill. Spencer Michels reports from New Orleans on how the area is making preparations for … Continue reading

  • July 22, 2010   BY News Desk 

    MIXED PICTURE FOR THE ECONOMY | A mixed economic picture emerged today: the stock market surged on news of strong corporate earnings, but home sales continued to sink and unemployment claims rose. Jim Lehrer talks to Greg Ip of “The … Continue reading

  • July 21, 2010   BY News Desk 

    FINANCIAL REFORM SIGNED INTO LAW | President Obama signed financial reform into law today; the first major overhaul of the financial system since the Great Depression. To get some perspective on how the new law seeks to end the risky … Continue reading