• March 2, 2010   BY Leah Clapman 

    SUPREME COURT CONSIDERS GUN BANS – The U.S. Supreme Court heard an important argument today over state and local gun regulations. The case involves a handgun ban in Chicago and tests a 2008 decision outlawing the gun law in Washington … Continue reading

  • March 1, 2010   BY Simon Marks 

    On the PBS NewsHour this Monday night: CHILE LATEST | Full coverage of the latest developments in Chile, following the weekend’s earthquake. The death toll has now risen above 700, and the world is offering aid to assist in rescue … Continue reading

  • February 26, 2010   BY Simon Marks 

    AFGHAN ATTACK- There was more death today in the center of Kabul, the Afghan capitol. Suicide attackers and a car bomb killed at least 16 people — half of them foreigners. The Taliban took responsibility. We’ll have a full report … Continue reading

  • February 25, 2010   BY Simon Marks 

    HEALTH CARE SUMMIT: We’ll begin the program tonight with full coverage of today’s White House health care summit, at which President Obama and his Republican opponents have been facing off over proposals to change the country’s health care system. Judy … Continue reading

  • February 24, 2010   BY Leah Clapman 

    TOYODA TESTIFIES – The president of Toyota made an unprecedented appearance before a U.S. congressional committee today and delivered an apology for the problems that forced extensive recalls of the company’s cars, and promised a course correction. We’ll have excerpts … Continue reading

  • February 23, 2010   BY Simon Marks 

    On the PBS NewsHour this Tuesday: TOYOTA HEARINGS | Day one of the congressional hearings into the Toyota recalls saw the company’s top official in North America, James Lentz, apologizing for its safety problems, and vivid testimony by one Toyota … Continue reading

  • February 22, 2010   BY Simon Marks 

    HEALTH REFORM: President Obama today unveiled a revised proposal for health care reform ahead of this week’s bipartisan White House health care summit. On the program tonight, our Health Correspondent Betty Ann Bowser reports the details of the proposal. Then, … Continue reading

  • February 19, 2010   BY Simon Marks 

    AFGHAN OFFENSIVE: Elite Marine reconnaissance teams were airdropped behind Taliban lines in Southern Afghanistan, as a major NATO offensive entered its 7th day today. Ray Suarez reports the latest developments on-the-ground in the battle against the Taliban, then Judy Woodruff … Continue reading

  • February 18, 2010   BY Maureen Hoch 

    Here’s a look at what you’ll find on Thursday’s PBS NewsHour: Deficit Commission: President Obama signed an executive order Thursday, setting up a bipartisan commission on the federal deficit. Judy Woodruff talks to the panel’s co-chairmen: Republican Alan Simpson and … Continue reading

  • February 17, 2010   BY Simon Marks 

    12 MONTHS ON: One year on from the introduction of the President’s Economic Stimulus initiative, the Obama administration claimed today that it had successfully averted an economic calamity, but acknowledged more needs to be done to lift the country’s economic … Continue reading