• May 26, 2011    

    The new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau recently announced plans to simplify the mortgage paperwork that has long confused potential homebuyers. “The current forms can be complicated and difficult for consumers to use. They are also redundant and can be costly … Continue reading

  • October 25, 2010  

    Major banks across the country continue to dig through internal documents to show that foreclosures have been properly handled following accusations of faulty paperwork. Binyamin Appelbaum of the New York Times gives more details on the investigation into flawed foreclosure proceedings. Continue reading

  • October 25, 2010  

    The media is combing through confidential documents on the Iraq War released by the website WikiLeaks, including accounts of abuse against Iraqi civilians and “hard evidence” that the United States turned a blind eye. Margaret Warner gets perspectives on the issue. Continue reading

  • October 14, 2010  

    Foreclosures are mounting and attorneys general have launched an investigation into claims of faulty lender paperwork. Paul Solman reports. Continue reading

  • March 24, 2008  

    New technologies now allow doctors and hospitals to keep electronic health records, but the U.S. has been slow to switch formats. Susan Dentzer reports on the advantages and difficulties that some hospitals are facing in their efforts to digitize medical records. Continue reading