Paul Gigot

  • July 25, 1997  

    This week: Haley Barbour’s defense of a GOP/Hong Kong connection, fallout from the failed attempt to oust Speaker Gingrich, and pearls of wisdom from Rep. Sony Bono (R-CA). Continue reading

  • March 18, 1997  

    Margaret Warner is joined by Washington insiders Mark Shields and Paul Gigot to look at the Anthony Lake story from behind the scenes. Continue reading

  • January 31, 1997  

    Two of the nation’s most powerful leaders, President Clinton and Speaker Gingrich, faced tough questions about their election activities. The NewsHour’s political analysts, syndicated columnist Mark Shields and Wall Street Journalist Paul Gigot, debate the charges and if a “double standard” exists for Democrats and Republicans. Continue reading

  • January 20, 1997  

    More analysis now by Shields & Gigot, syndicated columnist Mark Shields, and Wall Street Journal columnist Paul Gigot. Continue reading