• December 28, 2010  

    As Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki says U.S. troops must leave by this time next year, what else is next for Iraq’s new government? Margaret Warner speaks with Michael Gordon, military correspondent for The New York Times, and Joost Hiltermann of the International Crisis Group. Continue reading

  • November 22, 2010  

    After a report from the business editor of The Irish Independent, Maeve Dineen, Jeffrey Brown gets two views on the potential political impact of Ireland’s bailout with economist Jacob Kirkegaard and George Washington University professor Scheherazade Rehman. Continue reading

  • November 16, 2010  

    In other news Tuesday, European Union finance ministers met to discuss a possible bailout for Ireland, whose banks have more than $60 billion in real estate debt. In Haiti, the death toll from cholera passed 1,000 as two died in riots ignited by a claim that peacekeepers from Nepal brought cholera into the country. Continue reading

  • November 11, 2010  

    After an eight-month stalemate, Iraqi leaders have reached an agreement that keeps Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki in power but distributes other key posts. Despite ongoing tensions between Maliki and his primary rival, Iyad Allawi, many hope this will stave off violence. Continue reading