• natasha1
    March 13, 2014   BY  

    Visiting the King County Juvenile Detention Facility I couldn’t help thinking of the words of poet Robert Frost. In my own life I believe it was an early education in poetical metaphor that helped me to grapple with and make sense of all the difficult and traumatic things that were to come. That’s why it was heartening to see the kids in the facility writing poetry and making use of metaphor to grapple with the difficult knowledge brought on by their experience. Continue reading

  • rikers
    February 21, 2014  

    At Rikers Island, New York City’s main jail complex, about a quarter of the underaged teenagers who are awaiting trial are in solitary confinement, spending 23 hours a day in a 6 by 8 ft cell. Daffodil Altan of the Center for Investigative Reporting takes a look at concern from city officials and others about the psychological effects of isolation on young inmates. Continue reading

    February 2, 2014  

    NewsHour Weekend profiles an innovative probation program in Hawaii that has been so successful in reforming offenders and keeping them out of prison, it’s now being copied in courtrooms across the nation. Continue reading

  • Video still by PBS NewsHour
    January 27, 2014  

    For punk band Pussy Riot, a prank in a Moscow cathedral led to nearly two years in prison for two of the young women. Journalist Masha Gessen corresponded with the art activists and chronicled their rise as human rights figures in her new book, “Words That Will Break Cement.” Gessen joins Jeffrey Brown to discuss the crackdown. Continue reading

  • 2index128
    December 23, 2013  

    In our news wrap Monday, two members of the feminist Russian punk band Pussy Riot were freed from prison under a pardon from President Vladmir Putin. Also, Syrian government forces continued their assault in northern regions of the country. So far, more than 300 people have died in the nine-day bombardment. Continue reading

  • Madoff
    December 11, 2013  

    Five years ago, financier Bernie Madoff was arrested for running an elaborate, global Ponzi scheme that defrauded investors of billions of dollars and left many of his thousands of victims with nothing. Madoff is currently serving a 150-year sentence in prison. Judy Woodruff reports on efforts to recoup some of the losses. Continue reading

  • ANC youths wait for ANC President Nelson Mandela a
    December 5, 2013  

    Nelson Mandela will be remembered by the world for his peaceful pursuit of equal rights for all South Africans and as the post-apartheid nation’s first president. Former NewsHour senior correspondent Charlayne Hunter-Gault looks back at the activist and peacemaker’s 27 years in prison and his victory over decades of oppression. Continue reading

  • November 15, 2013  

    China’s ruling Communist Party announced reforms to two unpopular policies. More couples in China will now be able to have two children, instead of one, provided that at least one parent was an only child. The government also announced it is abolishing the system of forced labor camps. Jeffrey Brown reports. Continue reading

  • September 4, 2013  

    In other news Wednesday, officials say Ariel Castro, 53, hanged himself in his prison cell overnight. Castro was convicted of holding three women captive in his Cleveland, Ohio, home for more than a decade. Also, Chelsea Manning has requested a presidential pardon for leaking thousands of classified documents. Continue reading

  • August 23, 2013  

    Bradley Manning’s request to be able live as a woman raises questions about transgender issues in the military. The U.S. soldier is sentenced to 35 years in prison. Will he be able to receive hormone therapy treatments behind bars? Ray Suarez speaks with Allyson Robinson, a private U.S. military consultant and LGBT advocate. Continue reading