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  • newswrap_somalia
    September 2, 2014  

    In our news wrap Tuesday, the Pentagon confirmed that a U.S. airstrike in Somalia overnight targeted the leader of the al-Qaida-linked group al-Shabab. It was unclear whether Ahmed Abdi Godane — the alleged mastermind behind the raid of a Kenyan shopping mall that killed 67 people last year — was killed in the attack. Meanwhile, Pakistan’s parliament rallied behind the country’s embattled prime minister. Continue reading

    April 22, 2014  

    Radical Islamist group Boko Haram is thought to have kidnapped more than 200 girls from a school in northern Nigeria, in addition to other atrocities this week, including the bombing of a bus station. Judy Woodruff talks to The Christian Science Monitor’s Heather Murdock, for more on what authorities have learned about the missing girls. Continue reading

  • December 12, 2007  

    Two truck bombs exploded in Algiers, Algeria, Tuesday, causing heavy damage to U.N. offices and killing more than 31. A branch of terror group al-Qaida claimed responsibility. Experts assess what the attacks mean for Algeria, Northern Africa and the West. Continue reading

  • April 13, 2007  

    Suicide bombers make the news almost daily in Iraq, but the tactic has long been employed elsewhere around the world. NewsHour analysts explain how recruitment for suicide bombers has become easier and why people would kill themselves for a cause. Continue reading