• December 31, 2015  

    The worst finally seems over for the civilians of Ramadi, who are beginning to emerge after living for months under Islamic State control. Iraqi forces recaptured the city center on Monday, but are still removing bombs and searching for militants. Chief foreign affairs correspondent Margaret Warner takes stock of what the victory means for the ongoing fight to drive the militants out of Iraq. Continue reading

  • December 29, 2015  

    After a seven-month siege by the Islamic State militant group, Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi planted his country’s flag in Ramadi after government troops retook the city center. But the battle isn’t completely over: Militants remain in other parts of the city. Chief foreign affairs correspondent Margaret Warner reports on the victory, while Gwen Ifill talks to Matt Bradley of The Wall Street Journal. Continue reading

  • December 28, 2015  

    In our news wrap Monday, the Iraqi military trumpeted its success in Ramadi, where troops recaptured the center of Ramadi despite pockets of resistance. Also, a Taliban suicide bomber killed at least one person and wounded dozens, many of them children, in an attack near a school in Afghanistan. Continue reading

  • December 23, 2015  

    The Iraqi military has been preparing for months to recapture Ramadi from the Islamic State group. As tanks and other vehicles rolled through the streets, state television reported the army chief has said his forces will finish taking back the vital city in the coming days. Gwen Ifill talks to Ayman Oghanna of VICE News and retired Army Col. Peter Mansoor about the significance of the battle. Continue reading

  • July 13, 2015  

    In our news wrap Monday, Iraqi troops and Shiite militiamen began an operation against the Islamic State militant group, targeting Anbar province. The launch came as IS claimed responsibility for a series of car bombs and suicide attacks in Baghdad. Also, President Obama commuted the sentences of 46 nonviolent federal prisoners, the majority of whom were serving time for drug charges. Continue reading

  • May 26, 2015  

    In our news wrap Tuesday, parts of Houston were under water after torrential downpours overnight. There were more than 500 water rescues and about 2,500 vehicles were abandoned by people seeking higher ground. Elsewhere, 40 people went missing in a vacation area on the Blanco River. Also, a federal appeals court panel maintained a ruling blocking President Obama’s immigration executive action. Continue reading

  • May 25, 2015  

    In our news wrap Monday, Vice President Joe Biden called Iraq Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi to try and to reassure the leader a day after the U.S. defense secretary blamed Iraqi forces for the loss at Ramadi. Also, for the first time in 14 years, no American troops were involved in major ground combat on this Memorial Day. President Obama honored the occasion at Arlington National Cemetery. Continue reading

  • May 24, 2015   BY  

    The Islamic State group’s takeover of the Iraqi provincial capital Ramadi has prompted criticism from Defense Secretary Ash Carter and raised new questions about the Obama administration’s strategy to defeat the extremist group. Continue reading

  • May 19, 2015  

    In our news wrap Tuesday, Shiite militiamen — allied with the Iraqi army — massed near Ramadi to ready a counterattack, days after the Islamic State captured the Iraqi city. Also, in a historic peace-making gesture, Britain’s Prince Charles shook hands with Sinn Féin leader Gerry Adams in Galway, Ireland, 36 years after an IRA bomb killed the prince’s great-uncle. Continue reading

  • May 18, 2015  

    The Islamic State’s black flag flew in Ramadi after Iraqi troops and civilians fled the capital of Anbar province on Sunday, leaving behind stockpiles of weapons. The loss of Ramadi is a setback for both Iraq and for American efforts to contain the militant group. In response, Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi called in powerful Shiite militias to fight in the largely Sunni region. Gwen Ifill reports. Continue reading

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