Richard Myers

  • July 12, 2005  

    Joint Chiefs Chairman Gen. Richard Myers, who will step down from his post this September, speaks with Jim Lehrer about military challenges in Iraq and Afghanistan, his role as military adviser to the president, and his relationship with Sec. of Defense Donald Rumsfeld. Continue reading

  • July 1, 2004  

    Jim Lehrer speaks with Gen. Richard Myers, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, about the effect Saddam Hussein’s court appearance may have on the insurgency in Iraq, the handover of power to the Iraqi interim government and the ongoing presence of U.S. troops in the country. Continue reading

  • March 30, 2003   BY Admin 

    Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld said Sunday that there are "no plans for pauses or cease-fires" in the United States’ war plan against Iraq. Continue reading

  • April 19, 2002  

    The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff describes the military command that will protect domestic U.S. interests and the tragedies and future of the Afghanistan mission. Continue reading