• November 4, 2013   BY Ellen Rolfes  

    The Body By Dexter L. Booth They split the hog down the middle. It was cold and raining, I remember the steam and the knife and the squeal and how they all left the body like a ghost. They lasted … Continue reading

  • October 21, 2013   BY Ellen Rolfes  

    Poet and veteran teacher Stanley Plumly continues his exploration of personal memories, juxtaposing his childhood with 74 years worth of knowledge and perspective on the world, in his latest collection, “Orphan Hours: Poems.” In addition to his writing, Plumly has … Continue reading

  • October 7, 2013   BY Ellen Rolfes  

    For a long time, poet Lorna Goodison thought her creative talents would lead to a profession in the visual arts. But “one day the painting stopped coming, and I was just writing all the time,” Goodison said. Like a scorned lover, her talent and passion for painting “went off in a huff because I wasn’t paying any attention to it.”
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  • September 30, 2013   BY Ellen Rolfes  

    Poet Gregory Orr rhapsodizes on a theme he has explored for nearly a decade: the “beloved,” the things we love. Of course, what we love can change over time, he says. “It can make you crazy by … shifting from one thing to another and yet, of course, that’s also dazzling,” he told the PBS NewsHour. The untitled poem from Orr’s latest collection, “River Inside the River” continues a sequence of poems on that theme.
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  • September 16, 2013   BY Ellen Rolfes 

    Meena Alexander reads a poem, “Experimental Geography,” from her soon to be published collection, “Birthplace with Buried Stones.” Alexander is an English professor at the City University of New York and teaches at Hunter College and the Graduate Center, City University of New York.
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  • August 13, 2013   BY Ellen Rolfes  

    Under the direction and mentorship of Serge Diaghilev, the visual artists, composers and choreographers that worked with the Ballets Russes transformed ballet into an avant-garde art form, breaking with tradition and looking for something new, something that reflected the modernity of the 20th century.
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  • March 27, 2013   BY Ellen Rolfes  

    Alec Monopoly’s first solo show, “Park Place,” opened at the LAB ART Gallery in Los Angeles earlier this month. The graffiti artist, who is known only by his pseudonym, and the team at LAB ART transformed the gallery space, inside and out, into a life-size version of the Monopoly board game.
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  • October 5, 2012   BY Ellen Rolfes  

    Now in its 40th year, the National Storytelling Festival expects to attract nearly 10,000 storytellers and attendees from throughout the country and around the world this weekend. The three-day event will include performances by 24 featured storytellers, two ghost story concerts at night and midnight cabarets.
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