• 14th IAAF World Athletics Championships Moscow 2013 - Previews
    February 21, 2014  

    To outsiders, Russia carries a near mythic reputation. Gregory Feifer, whose mother grew up during communism and lived there himself as a news correspondent, teases out an understanding of Russian character through observations of daily life in his new book, “Russians: The People Behind the Power.” Feifer joins Jeffrey Brown to discuss how Russian behavior is reflected in the Sochi Olympics. Continue reading

    February 20, 2014  

    World powers have watched as the Ukrainian conflict has escalated to unrestrained battle. How can they help ensure stability for this country that’s in the heart of Europe while tightly connected to Russia? Gwen Ifill talks to William Taylor, former U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine, and Matthew Rojansky of the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars. Continue reading

  • ukraine1a
    February 20, 2014  

    Fighting in the streets of Kiev stalled European diplomats from reaching the presidential palace, where they met with Ukraine’s President Yanukovych in an attempt to broker a deal to stop the bloody crackdown. E.U. foreign ministers placed sanctions on key members of the Ukrainian government, who are regarded as responsible for the violence. Lindsey Hilsum of Independent Television News reports. Continue reading

  • newswrap
    February 20, 2014  

    In our news wrap Thursday, at least 70 people may be dead from violence between police and protesters in Kiev, many by gunshot. James Mates of Independent Television News reports on the deadliest day so far since an anti-government backlash began in Ukraine. Also, Iran and six world powers wrapped up a first round of nuclear talks in Geneva. Continue reading

  • At least 22 people have been killed in the latest day of violent clashes in Kiev, Ukraine.
    February 20, 2014  

    The Associated Press is reporting that at least 70 protesters have been killed Thursday in clashes with police in the Ukrainian capital. The news agency was unable to independently confirm this toll based on reports from Dr. Oleh Musiy, the coordinator for the protesters’ medical team. Continue reading

  • pussy riot
    February 19, 2014   BY  

    Video by the Associated Press In a video posted by the Associated Press, members of the punk group Pussy Riot were attacked by Cossack militia after attempting a performance under a Sochi Olympics sign. Within moments of the group starting … Continue reading

  • Around the Games: Day 11 - 2014 Winter Olympic Games
    February 18, 2014  

    Ice skating, one of the most anticipated Winter Olympic sports, is taking center stage in Sochi. Americans Meryl Davis and Charlie White won gold in ice dancing, and the women’s figure skating competition is next on deck. Jeffrey Brown talks to Christine Brennan of USA Today and ABC News for an update on Olympic winners, plus the detainment of two members of the punk band Pussy Riot. Continue reading

    February 18, 2014  

    The deadly violence and mayhem gripping Kiev signals an escalation in the more than two months of protests against the pro-Russia Ukrainian government. Steven Pifer of the Brookings Institution and Adrian Karatnycky of the Atlantic Council join Gwen Ifill to discuss the root causes of the unrest, the leverage of the West and the outside forces pushing Ukraine into battle. Continue reading

  • Sochi
    February 14, 2014  

    Halfway through Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia, the spotlight is shining on the athletes and the games rather than disruptions or security problems. Judy Woodruff talks to Christine Brennan of USA Today and ABC News about some surprising disappointments and hopeful prospects for the American team, as well as the way Russia’s Soviet history has sometimes surfaced thus far. Continue reading

  • Previews - Winter Olympics Day -4
    February 14, 2014   BY  

    Unseasonably warm temperatures in Sochi, Russia, continue to disrupt the 2014 Winter Olympic Games. While no events have yet to be canceled due to weather, practice schedules have been disrupted — men’s freestyle skiing aerials practice was canceled on Thursday in order to give the women’s freestyle skiing team enough time on the slopes before Friday’s competition. Some teams have been forced to wait until after dark, when the snow is hardest, to begin practice. Continue reading