• Final Preparations Are Made For The Canonisation Of Pope John Paul II And Pope John XXIII
    April 25, 2014  

    Pope Francis has chosen two iconic 20th century popes to be canonized. Jeffrey Brown gets reaction and background from Patricia McGuire of Trinity Washington University and John Allen of The Boston Globe on the political motives behind the pairing, the unprecedented speed of the selection and the evolving standards of sainthood. Continue reading

  • saints2
    April 25, 2014  

    Catholics from around the world converged in Rome ahead of the historic canonization of the 20th century’s most loved pontiffs. Pope John Paul II, who stood as a firm opponent to communism at the height of the Cold War, and John XXIII, the so-called “good pope” who is best known for convening reforms under the Second Vatican Council, will be declared saints in Saint Peter’s Square. Continue reading

  • October 4, 2007  

    A recent book shed light on Mother Teresa’s struggles with her personal faith. Richard Rodriguez presents an essay on the religious icon and how she wrestled with her beliefs. Continue reading