Sarah Burton

  • September 4, 2015   BY  

    Five years since he died by suicide in 2010, McQueen, known to his friends as “Lee,” has been the subject of two biographies this year and an art exhibition called “Savage Beauty” that has opened in New York and, more recently, in London. With the release of the full-length biography, “Alexander McQueen: Blood Beneath the Skin” this week, we spoke with the book’s author, The Cut’s Véronique Hyland and fashion bloggers Tom Fitzgerald and Lorenzo Marquez, better known as Tom & Lorenzo, on how the designer challenged the industry he reveled in. Continue reading

  • April 29, 2011  

    Onlookers crowded London’s streets and television viewers worldwide tuned into the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton in London Friday. Margaret Warner recaps the ceremony’s significance with John Burns, London bureau chief for the New York Times. Continue reading