• November 2, 2011  

    Herman Cain faced a third day of scrutiny over sexual harassment allegations on Wednesday, when a third woman said he made inappropriate remarks to her during his time as the head of the National Restaurant Association. Ray Suarez discusses the new allegations and the political impact with Jeff Zeleny of The New York Times. Continue reading

  • June 28, 2011  

    In less than two weeks, Southern Sudan is due to become the world’s newest nation, formally seceding from the North. The rival regions signed a peace agreement in 2005 to end a long civil war that killed 2 million people, but violence has erupted again. Margaret Warner reports. Continue reading

  • June 21, 2011  

    The Securities and Exchange Commission announced Tuesday that JPMorgan Chase agreed to pay $153 million to settle charges of misleading investors in the housing market. Judy Woodruff discusses the settlement and back story with Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter Jesse Eisinger of ProPublica. Continue reading