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  • Williams played the role of radio DJ Adrian Cronauer in 1987's 'Good Morning, Vietnam.'
    August 12, 2014   BY Margaret Myers and Victoria Fleischer 

    Robin Williams’ illustrious career touched five decades. Survey any group of people and they will each give you a top 10 list of their favorite Williams performances as diverse as the comedy industry itself. We looked to IMDb — a arguably the most comprehensive inventory of films and television on the web. Here is a list of every film, television show and stand-up performance in which Williams made an appearance — from lead role to minor character — ranked by IMDb user ratings. Continue reading

  • July 27, 2011   BY Paul Solman  

    The short third installment of Yoram Bauman’s vlog from China is well worth the watching, highlighting the tension between the “official” China and what’s really going on there. Communist Party founder Mao AND $300,000 Porsche’s? Yoram asks. “Do hen hao!” … Continue reading

  • July 15, 2011   BY Paul Solman  

    Standup economist Yoram Bauman has now made it to China and filed the second of his vlogs for us from Beijing. We found his comparison of China to Ecuador fascinating. For those who crave a heavier dose of Yoram’s wit, … Continue reading