syrian civil war

  • April 25, 2016  

    President Obama approved the deployment of up to 250 additional military personnel to Syria to aid the fight against the Islamic State group, while the resumption of heavy fighting in the Syrian civil war has all but derailed UN efforts at peace talks. Hari Sreenivasan learns more from Nancy Youssef of the Daily Beast and Andrew Tabler of the Washington Institute for Near East Policy. Continue reading

  • April 11, 2016  

    In our news wrap Monday, British Prime Minister David Cameron rejected criticism of his family’s finances and offshore holdings after the Panama Papers leak detailed his late father’s investments. Also, a surge in fighting focused around Aleppo threatens to derail a month-old cease-fire in the Syrian conflict. Continue reading

  • April 11, 2016  

    Five years of brutal civil war in Syria have killed hundreds of thousands and displaced millions more. Now, a new journalistic project aims to document President Bashar al-Assad’s principal role in the systematic campaign of detention, torture and murder that has left his nation in the throes of chaos. Hari Sreenivasan sits down with Ben Taub of The New Yorker to discuss “The Assad Files.” Continue reading

  • March 23, 2016  

    After his last deployment to Afghanistan, decorated Marine veteran and writer Elliot Ackerman went to report on the civil war in Syria. What he found was friendship and a shared disillusion over the hopes of revolution. In this essay, Ackerman explores the deep wounds and strong bonds forged by war. Continue reading

  • March 23, 2016   BY  

    BUENOS AIRES, Argentina — A day after bombs ripped through Brussels, President Barack Obama declared that fighting the Islamic State is his “No. 1 priority” and pledged that the United States will pursue the jihadist group until it is destroyed. Continue reading

  • March 17, 2016  

    In our news wrap Thursday, House Speaker Paul Ryan again denied any possibility that he would stand for the Republican presidential nomination at a contested RNC convention, saying those who argue otherwise should “knock it off.” Also, Russian president Vladimir Putin threatened to send warplanes and troops back into Syria if rebel forces compromise recent government military gains. Continue reading

  • March 17, 2016   BY  

    Starting in 2006, Syria suffered its worst drought in 900 years; it ruined farms, forced as many as 1.5 million rural denizens to crowd into cities alongside Iraqi refugees and decimated the country’s livestock. Water became scarce and food expensive. The suffering and social chaos caused by the drought were important drivers of the initial unrest.
    Continue reading

  • March 11, 2016  

    As the fighting in Syria approaches a fifth year, leaving hundreds of thousands dead and displaced, the nation’s artists have sought ways to respond to the destruction of their homeland. Some try to tell the stories of their fellow Syrians, while others seek to document the conflict through films and artwork. But no matter the medium, they all share a desire for peace. Jeffrey Brown reports. Continue reading

  • January 1, 2016  

    The plight of refugees fleeing the war in Syria has been well documented across the last year, but what is life like for those who stayed behind? Jeffrey Brown talks to journalist and activist Rami Jarrah about how civilians are living in Aleppo. Continue reading

  • December 18, 2015  

    After nearly five years of brutal civil war, the United Nations Security Council voted to endorse an international framework for a peace process in Syria. Chief foreign affairs correspondent Margaret Warner joins Hari Sreenivasan to discuss the details, what’s at stake and how we got here. Continue reading

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