tech industry

  • Google Announces Quarterly Earnings
    May 28, 2014  

    In a new internal report released exclusively to the NewsHour, Google reveals that women and minorities have been largely left behind in their tech workforce. The disclosure comes amid increasing pressure for Silicon Valley companies to disclose their records on diversity. Gwen Ifill talks to Google’s Laszlo Bock, Vivek Wadhwa of Stanford University and Telle Whitney of the Anita Borg Institute. Continue reading

  • Mourners Remember Steve Jobs In Chicago
    May 20, 2014  

    It’s been a little more than two years since the founder and creative force behind Apple died at age 56. What does the transition of leadership mean for the future of one of the most iconic American tech companies? Hari Sreenivasan interviews Yukari Kane, author of “Haunted Empire: Apple After Steve Jobs,” about the impact one man wields on the success or failure of a company. Continue reading

  • coding
    March 4, 2014  

    In Oakland, not far from Silicon Valley, a small group of teenagers are glued to their computer screens, learning a new language. The Hidden Genius Project is a small non-profit that’s working to teach computer coding to young African-American men and bring them into the high tech sector — one of the few parts of the economy that’s booming and aching for diversity. Aarti Shahani of KQED reports. Continue reading

  • tech1
    January 2, 2014  

    Robotic devices are everywhere: in factories, law enforcement, caretaking. They even suck up dust bunnies. Today they are smarter than ever, but they only excel when the task is clearly defined. Science correspondent Miles O’Brien reports on why it’s hard to teach robots basic human things, like walking and problem solving. Continue reading

  • October 26, 2012  

    Microsoft has revealed its biggest makeover so far to the operating system found on nine out of every 10 computers in the world. Ray Suarez talks to Forrester Research’s Charles Golvin about how Microsoft’s decision to focus on tablet-style computers will impact consumers and the greater tech industry. Continue reading