teddy roosevelt

  • The Roosevelts
    September 17, 2014   BY Margaret Myers 

    If you’ve been watching the epic documentary “The Roosevelts: An Intimate History” on PBS, then you you’ve probably come to know Teddy, Franklin and Eleanor as more than just the iconic leaders of America’s coming of age. They were complicated characters who suffered immense loss, and who cultivated the strength and confidence to lead the country through periods of great transition and great tragedy. But would these historical characters succeed if they were in today’s hot political climate? Filmmaker Burns doesn’t think so. Continue reading

  • The first P&O Orient liner Oriana returns to Southampton after her maiden voyage to the Panama Canal in 1961. She was the largest vessel to pass through the canal since the German liner Bremen in 1939. Photo by Central Press/Getty Images
    August 15, 2014   BY Anya van Wagtendonk 

    At the time it was built, the canal was an engineering marvel, relying on a series of locks that lift ships – and their thousands of pounds of cargo – above mountains. But thousands of workers died during its construction, and its history has seen no shortage of controversy, including a contentious transference of authority from the US to Panama in the 1970s. Continue reading

  • September 4, 2008  

    Analysts Mark Shields and David Brooks offer insight on the points Sen. John McCain will make and reflect on the Republican convention before the Arizona senator steps up to the podium. Continue reading