tom davis

  • October 10, 2016  

    Numerous Republican leaders have rescinded their support for Donald Trump since the release of a 2005 tape in which he makes sexually aggressive comments about women. On Monday, Speaker of the House Paul Ryan announced he would no longer defend or campaign with the nominee. John Yang speaks with former Trump campaign adviser Barry Bennett and former Rep. Tom Davis (R-Va.) about the party’s divide. Continue reading

  • October 10, 2016  

    Sunday night saw the second of the three presidential debates. It came in the aftermath of renewed controversy over Donald Trump’s treatment of women. Hari Sreenivasan speaks with Amy Walter of the Cook Political Report and NPR’s Tamara Keith about the growing number of Republican leaders fleeing Trump’s side, Hillary Clinton’s outreach beyond her party and where the GOP will go from here. Continue reading

  • April 16, 2007  

    Washington, D.C. residents and officials are lobbying the House of Represenatives to get a voting member. The NewsHour reports on the fight for voting rights in the nation’s capital. Continue reading

  • February 6, 2007  

    A House committee investigating how over $12 billion disbursed for Iraq reconstruction was mismanaged questioned Paul Bremer, the former head of the Coalition Provisional Authority, on Tuesday. Continue reading