• February 26, 2014  

    Jeffrey Brown gets debate from Linda Chavez of the Center for Equal Opportunity and Kate Bronfenbrenner of the School of Industrial and Labor Relations at Cornell University on the significance of Volkswagen auto workers in Tennessee rejecting UAW membership and the outlook and importance of unions for today’s workers. Continue reading

  • February 26, 2014  

    A two-year effort to organize workers at the Volkswagen auto plant in Chattanooga, Tenn., concluded in a close vote against unionizing. The United Auto Workers, whose rolls have drastically declined in the past three and a half decades, hoped a victory might motivate a larger push for the union among auto workers across the South. Jeffrey Brown reports on how both sides are now claiming outside interference. Continue reading

  • February 15, 2014  

    Workers at a Volkswagen plant in Tennessee voted to reject what would have been United Auto Workers’ first successful organization of workers at a foreign automaker in the South. Jim Efstathiou of Bloomberg News speaks with Hari Sreenivasan about the significance of the vote. Continue reading

  • December 3, 2013  

    A federal ruling will allow Detroit to move forward with its bankruptcy and to possibly cut pensions as part of the debt-shedding process. Judy Woodruff talks to Christy McDonald of Detroit Public Television about the choices the emergency manager Kevyn Orr has to consider when crafting a restructuring plan for the Motor City. Continue reading

  • September 3, 2012  

    As organizers prepare for the 2012 Democratic National Convention and thousands flock to Charlotte, N.C., special attention is paid to organized labor, which was a big part of President Obama’s win four years ago. Meanwhile, members of the Occupy movement went to the streets to protest. Ray Suarez reports. Continue reading

  • June 21, 2012  

    The Supreme Court dismissed fines against broadcasters who violated FCC indecency policies but did not address whether the government has the authority to regulate indecency on broadcast TV. The justices also said unions must let nonmembers object to unexpected fee increases that all workers are required to pay in a closed-shop. Continue reading

  • June 4, 2012  

    A bitterly divided electorate. A long tradition of political experiments. The most expensive campaign in state history. And national repercussions, no matter the outcome. Welcome to Wisconsin, where voters are preparing for Tuesday’s contentious recall election of embattled Republican Gov. Scott Walker. Jeffrey Brown reports. Continue reading

  • January 20, 2012  

    Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker was one step closer to recall after the state’s Democratic Party submitted enough signatures to trigger a special election. Walker made bitter enemies a year ago when he passed a bill removing most collective bargaining rights for public employees. Zac Schultz of Wisconsin Public Television reports. Continue reading

  • September 5, 2011  

    How powerful are labor unions in the U.S.? Ray Suarez looks at the state of labor unions — on a day honoring Americans who work — with the Heritage Foundation’s James Sherk, AFL-CIO’s Thea Lee and The New York Times’ Steven Greehouse. Continue reading

  • June 15, 2011  

    The Wisconsin Supreme Court ruled 4-3 to uphold a controversial law, backed by Republican Gov. Scott Walker, to deny some public workers their right to collective bargaining. Judy Woodruff discusses what’s ahead in the ongoing legal and political battles with Wisconsin Public TV’s Adam Schrager, who’s been covering the story. Continue reading

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