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    WASHINGTON — Veterans Affairs Secretary Eric Shinseki apologized in public and then resigned in the privacy of the White House on Friday, driven from office by a mushrooming scandal over the agency’s health care system that serves millions of the nation’s former warriors.

    President Barack Obama said he accepted the resignation “with considerable regret,” and appointed Sloan Gibson, the agency’s No. 2 official, as temporary secretary. Obama also said that the Justice Department would determine if any illegality had occurred, and that a top White House aide who has been detailed to the Veterans Affairs Department would remain there for the time being. Continue reading

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    May 29, 2014  

    Secretary of State John Kerry weighs in on the U.S. response to the crisis in Ukraine, a terror resurgence in North Africa, the long, bloody war in Syria and a Mideast peace process that ground to a halt just a few weeks ago. He joins Gwen Ifill for an extended interview on current foreign policy challenges and why he thinks President Obama doesn’t get sufficient credit for successes. Continue reading

  • The House is expected to pass the $17 billion overhaul of the VA and the Senate is expected to move quickly thereafter in order to resolve the issue before Congress breaks for its summer recess. Photo by Karen Gleier/Getty Images
    May 29, 2014  

    Calls for VA Secretary Eric Shinseki are mounting in Washington after the inspector general’s interim report on the VA medical center in Phoenix, Arizona, alleged staffers cooked the books to earn bonuses. Lawmakers on both sides, including Sen. John McCain, are calling for a criminal investigation. Hari Sreenivasan gets more detail from Gregg Zoroya of USA Today. Continue reading

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    May 28, 2014  

    In our news wrap Wednesday, the VA inspector general concluded that veterans awaiting care in Phoenix waited an average of 115 days for a first appointment, and that 1,700 veterans weren’t on a waiting list at all. President Obama called the findings “extremely troubling.” Also, Libyan military jets bombed Islamist militia bases and the State Department urged Americans to leave the country. Continue reading

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    May 23, 2014  

    In our news wrap Friday, Thailand’s ousted prime minister was detained and 150 political leaders were barred from leaving the country. In response, the U.S. suspended $3.5 million in military aid to Thailand. Also, Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel told CBS News it would be premature to fire Veterans Affairs Secretary Eric Shinseki over allegations of delayed care. Continue reading

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    Today in the Morning Line: Two names that could stop the Republican Senate takeover: Pryor and Begich Three more arrested in Mississippi in Cochran case Democratic candidates turn on Shinseki Castro’s turn in the national spotlight The GOP’s narrow path … Continue reading

  • Veterans' Affairs Secretary Eric K. Shinseki answers questions during a  news conference on May 21, 2012. Photo by Flickr user Chad J. McNeeley/Department of Defense
    May 22, 2014   BY Matthew Daly, Associated Press 

    WASHINGTON — The growing furor over veterans’ health care moved to the political campaigns Thursday as congressional candidates from both parties called for Veterans Affairs Secretary Eric Shinseki to be fired.

    Democrat Alison Lundergan Grimes, who is challenging Republican Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell in Kentucky, was among those calling for Shinseki’s removal amid investigations of VA patients dying while awaiting treatment and falsified appoint records. Continue reading

  • Veteran Affairs Clinics To Be Audited After Patient Deaths At Phoenix Hospital
    May 21, 2014  

    President Obama defended embattled Veterans Affairs Secretary Eric Shinseki Wednesday, but warned that someone will be held accountable for any revealed shortcomings amid allegations that 40 veterans died awaiting care. Gwen Ifill gets two views on the troubles inside the VA from former Defense Department official David McGinnis and Joseph Violante of Disabled American Veterans. Continue reading

  • President Obama has promised a 'culture of accountability' . Video still by PBS NewsHour
    May 21, 2014   BY Matthew Daly, Associated Press 

    Seeking to head off a growing furor over veterans’ health care, President Barack Obama declared Wednesday that allegations of misconduct at Veterans Affairs hospitals are “dishonorable” and will be not be tolerated by his administration. Continue reading

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    May 16, 2014  

    In our news wrap Friday, Dr. Robert Petzel, the top health official at the Department of Veterans Affairs, has resigned. He testified Thursday before a Senate panel on the department’s failures to provide adequate care for veterans. Also, the Department of Transportation fined General Motors a maximum of $35 million for mishandling ignition switch defects. Continue reading