• Delegates point to an electoral map at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. U.S. July 27, 2016.  REUTERS/Charles Mostoller - RTSJYXU
    October 21, 2016  

    With just over two weeks until Election Day, there are some surprising shifts occurring in the electoral map. Judy Woodruff speaks with correspondent Lisa Desjardins and Nathan Gonzales of The Rothenberg & Gonzales Political Report about which voters are deserting Donald Trump, the latest poll numbers and the possibilities for down-ballot races changing the power balance in the House and Senate. Continue reading

  • A man walks past a sign for the U.S. vice-presidential debate at Longwood University in Farmville, Virginia October 2, 2016. LREUTERS/Rick Wilking - RTSQFM8
    October 6, 2016  

    Farmville, Virginia, has a population of just over 8,000. But that number swelled on Tuesday when the first and only vice presidential debate of 2016 was held at Longwood University. Hosting a nationally televised debate is a huge investment in time and resources, but it also garners sizable returns. Special correspondent Roben Farzad reports. Continue reading

  • Democratic U.S. vice presidential nominee Senator Tim Kaine (L) and Republican U.S. vice presidential nominee Governor Mike Pence debate during their vice presidential debate at Longwood University in Farmville, Virginia, U.S., October 4, 2016. REUTERS/Rick Wilking    TPX IMAGES OF THE DAY - RTSQSN6
    October 5, 2016  

    Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton will meet for their second debate on Sunday, a matchup that could be every bit as combative as the vice presidential debate Tuesday night in Virginia. While Sen. Tim Kaine might have lost style points for his numerous interruptions, Gov. Mike Pence did not always directly defend statements made by his candidate. Lisa Desjardins reports. Continue reading

  • A man walks past banners  before the vice presidential debate between US Republican vice presidential candidate Mike Pence and his Democratic counterpart Tim Kaine at Longwood University in Farmville, Virginia, on October 4, 2016. 
Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump's running mates carried the race for the White House Tuesday, preparing to face off in their only debate of the campaign with the US elections  five weeks away. / AFP / Jewel SAMAD        (Photo credit should read JEWEL SAMAD/AFP/Getty Images)
    October 4, 2016  

    Tonight, vice presidential nominees Sen. Tim Kaine and Gov. Mike Pence will meet to debate at Longwood University in Virginia. Lisa Desjardins offers a look at debate preparations and Gwen Ifill talks to Matt Schlapp, chair of the American Conservative Union, while Judy Woodruff talks to Donna Brazile, interim chair of the Democratic National Committee. Continue reading

  • shields
    October 4, 2016  

    On Tuesday night, Sen. Tim Kaine and Gov. Mike Pence will take the spotlight in their only face-off this election season. For analysis on what they need to accomplish and avoid, Gwen Ifill and Judy Woodruff speak with syndicated columnist Mark Shields, The Washington Post’s Michael Gerson and Amy Walter of the The Cook Political Report. Continue reading

  • A huge pine tree is shown after falling through a home from the wind and rain damage of Hurricane Hermine in Tallahassee, Florida September 2, 2016.  REUTERS/Phil Sears REUTERS/Phil Sears - RTX2NW00
    September 2, 2016  

    Early Friday morning, Hurricane Hermine hit Florida’s Big Bend region on the Gulf Coast, causing major damage and a state of emergency for more than 50 counties. Climate Central’s Sean Sublette joins William Brangham to consider what Hermine tells us about weather patterns, why it’s the first hurricane to make landfall in the U.S. in over a decade and what we might expect from future storms. Continue reading

  • voters
    August 26, 2016  

    Virginia is one of the most highly contested states in this year’s presidential election. For an inside look at the choice facing voters there, Judy Woodruff speaks with six Northern Virginia residents. The group’s topics include perceptions of Donald Trump as a ‘great communicator’ and a ‘bully,’ the sincerity of Hillary Clinton and whether the country can come together after a divisive campaign. Continue reading

  • Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe restored voting right for about 13,000 felons in Virginia, the Associated Press reported Monday. Photo by Adobe
    August 22, 2016   BY  

    McAuliffe’s announcement Monday came nearly a month after the court ruled that governors cannot restore rights en masse, but must handle them on a case-by-case basis. That ruling invalidated a previous executive order that had restored the voting rights of more than 200,000 felons who had completed their sentences. Continue reading

  • Delegates point to an electoral map at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. U.S. July 27, 2016.  REUTERS/Charles Mostoller - RTSJYXU
    August 18, 2016  

    During most election years, the electoral map is fairly predictable, except for ten or twelve swing states. But in this year’s highly unorthodox race, Hillary Clinton has taken a substantial lead in five of these battlegrounds and is pursuing states that are typically solid red. Judy Woodruff talks to Ohio Public Radio’s Karen Kasler, Tampa Bay Times’ Adam Smith and Lisa Desjardins for analysis. Continue reading

  • Republican U.S. presidential nominee Donald Trump attends a campaign rally in Abingdon, Virginia, U.S. August 10, 2016. REUTERS/Eric Thayer - RTSMGYR
    August 10, 2016  

    Donald Trump shifted from his normal large rallies to holding a small discussion with coal executives in Virginia, and later, giving a measured speech on jobs. The Republican candidate is on the defensive after a comment Tuesday about Second Amendment-rights activists and Hillary Clinton. In Des Moines, Iowa, Clinton condemned Trump’s remarks for crossing the line. Lisa Desjardins reports. Continue reading

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