• October 17, 2003  

    The Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra has a new home this month, which some say is as beautiful as its sounds. Architect Frank Gehry designed Disney Hall, which has been in construction since 1987. Continue reading

  • October 16, 2003   BY Admin 

    In a statement released Thursday, Anglican leaders said if the U.S. Episcopalians consecrate their first openly gay bishop, then the global communion will be "put in jeopardy." Continue reading

  • October 16, 2003  

    Jeffrey Brown talks to author Jhumpa Lahiri about her book, “The Namesake.” Continue reading

  • October 15, 2003  

    Essayist Roger Rosenblatt visits the words of a man who helped change America. Continue reading

  • October 14, 2003  

    Latinos have quickly become America’s largest minority population. Terence Smith discusses the unique American experience of second-generation Latino citizens with Roberto Suro, director of the Pew Hispanic Center and co-author of the report. Continue reading

  • October 14, 2003  

    The Air Force Academy is making broad changes to its training program as part of its efforts to address the factors that may have contributed to widespread sexual assaults that were alleged to have taken place at the school. Continue reading

  • October 10, 2003  

    Ray Suarez leads a discussion about the work of Iranian attorney Shirin Ebadi, the first Muslim woman to win the Nobel peace prize. The Nobel committee recognized Ebadi for her work to promote democracy, human rights and equality for women in Iran. Continue reading

  • October 10, 2003  

    Essayist Anne Taylor Fleming explores some consequences of the culture created by America’s expansion into the suburbs in the mid-20th century. Continue reading

  • October 7, 2003  

    Three scientists won the Nobel prize in physics Tuesday for their research into the behavior of atoms and electrons at extremely low temperatures. Senior correspondent Ray Suarez interviews one of newest Nobel laureates, Anthony Leggett of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Continue reading

  • October 6, 2003  

    Essayist Clarence Page of the Chicago Tribune shares some thoughts on a century of cars. Continue reading