• November 7, 2003  

    Essayist Anne Taylor Fleming sees a yin and yang in two recent critically acclaimed films: Sofia Coppola’s “Lost in Translation” and Quentin Tarantino’s “Kill Bill.” Continue reading

  • November 6, 2003  

    A recent survey by the Pew Research Center suggests that Americans are evenly divided but increasingly polarized over political issues, including Iraq. Margaret Warner and experts discuss what the survey results mean for the presidential campaigns and the 2004 election. Continue reading

  • November 5, 2003  

    Leszek Kolakowski, an anti-Communist Polish philosopher at Oxford University in England, was awarded the first $1 million John W. Kluge prize for lifetime achievement in the humanities. Jeffrey Brown reports on Kolakowski and the new honor. Continue reading

  • November 5, 2003  

    Democratic presidential front-runner Howard Dean told supporters, “I regret the pain that I may have caused either to African Americans or Southern white voters.” Dean was defending a previous statement he had made that the Democratic Party must court white Southerners who display the Confederate flag on their pickup trucks. Continue reading

  • November 5, 2003  

    Former Vermont Gov. Howard Dean drew criticism from fellow Democratic presidential candidates when he said the party should reach out to southern men who display the Confederate flag. He later apologized to those who may have been offended by his comments. Two political writers analyze the implications of the incident. Continue reading

  • October 31, 2003  

    In the recently recorded “Randy Newman Songbook,” the famous musician provides listeners a fresh, stripped-down perspective on his songs, played only on piano. Jeffrey Brown spoke with Newman about his comprehensive career, which has earned him acclaim as first a grassroots singer and now a Hollywood songwriter. Continue reading

  • October 30, 2003  

    Essayist Roger Rosenblatt considers the famous last words from Hamlet to Bob Hope. Continue reading

  • October 27, 2003  

    Jeffrey Brown reviews the artistic achievements of Romare Bearden, which are celebrated in an exhibition at the Smithsonian’s National Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C. Continue reading

  • October 24, 2003  

    Gwen Ifill speaks with historian David Von Drehle about his recent book, “Triangle: The Fire That Changed America,” which chronicles the devastating blaze at the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory in New York City in 1911 that killed 146 workers and led to industry reforms. Continue reading

  • October 23, 2003  

    Ray Suarez speaks with author Ilan Stavans about his new book “Spanglish: The Making of a New American Language,” a look at the new lexicon created by Latinos who live in the United States. Continue reading