• May 30, 1996  

    Clarence Page of the Chicago Tribune talks about the growing number of African Americans collecting Jim Crow and Slave era memorabilia. Continue reading

  • May 30, 1996  

    Charlayne Hunter-Gault reports on Broadway hit “Bring In Da Funk,” a show nominated for Best Musical and eight other Tony Awards Sunday night. Continue reading

  • May 28, 1996  

    Hillary Rodham Clinton discusses the Whitewater trial, the coming election, public opinion about her and her experiences in the White House. The first lady spoke with Jim Lehrer a few hours before the jury in Little Rock, Arkansas, returned guilty verdicts against the Clintons’ business partners. Continue reading

  • May 27, 1996  

    Roger Rosenblatt considers haunting depictions of life in a Soviet gulag, the work of Russian artist and former prisoner Nikolai Getman. Continue reading

  • May 24, 1996  

    Howard Brodie has captured the feeling of combat with pencil and paper. Betty Ann Bowser reports on the man who brought the experience of the front line home. Continue reading

  • May 23, 1996  

    Charlayne Hunter-Gault talks with Susan Rice, deputy National Security Advisor for Africa, about the growing tensions and violence in Burundi, a country neighboring Rwanda and sharing it’s ethnic make-up. Continue reading

  • May 23, 1996  

    President Clinton has announced he would sign a bill that lets states refuse to recognize same-sex marriages. The issue has assumed political dimensions since the Hawaiian Supreme Court ordered the state to prove that there’s a compelling state interest in barring same-sex marriages. Continue reading

  • May 21, 1996  

    Essayist Roger Rosenblatt considers today’s generation gap. Continue reading

  • May 20, 1996  

    Two notable rulings have been handed down by the Supreme Court today. One overturned a Colorado constitutional amendment banning laws meant to protect homosexuals from discrimination. The second ruling struck down $2 million in punitive damages awarded by an Alabama court to a doctor unhappy with the paint job on his new BMW. Continue reading

  • May 20, 1996  

    Jim Fisher, columnist for the Kansas City Star, offers his thoughts about the drought in the Mid and Southwest. Continue reading