• December 29, 1995  

    Essayist Phyllis Theroux, who lives in Washington, D.C., shares some thoughts about her first hometown, San Francisco. Continue reading

  • December 22, 1995  

    Essayist Paul Hoffman, editor of Discover Magazine, has some thoughts about human evolution. Continue reading

  • December 13, 1995  

    On his 80th birthday, a tribute to singer Frank Sinatra. Charlayne Hunter-Gault talks with Tony Bennett and Sinatra biographer, Will Friedwald. Continue reading

  • December 4, 1995  

    Following the re-broadcast of an 1987 interview between Robertson Davies and Robin MacNeil, Margaret Warner talks with John Kenneth Galbraith about the life and works of the late author. Continue reading

  • December 1, 1995  

    Essayist Clarence Page, a columnist for the Chicago Tribune, looks at a photo exhibit about the origins of man. Continue reading

  • November 27, 1995  

    Essayist Paul Hoffman, editor of Discover Magazine, considers the the pay off for good scientific research. Continue reading

  • November 23, 1995  

    Essayist Richard Rodriguez, an editor at the Pacific News Service, has some observations about the connection between Americans and their work. Continue reading

  • November 22, 1995  

    Beatlemania returns to the U.S. with the release of “The Beatles Anthology,” a multi-disc set chronicling the band’s musical history and an accompanying TV special on ABC. Continue reading

  • November 15, 1995  

    As the season called “Fall” disappears, some thoughts from essayist Roger Rosenblatt. Continue reading

  • November 10, 1995  

    James Mates of Independent Television News presents a background report on the execution Nigerian human rights activists. Continue reading

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